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Welcome to Film Gear Index

The online Index for all film production knowledge

Have you ever been out of town on location and asked the rental house for a piece of gear only to receive blank looks?

Have you ever tried to find some piece of film-making knowledge on the internet only to find yourself lost in message boards for hours?

Have you ever been on a job where the boss asked you for a midget on a pigeon and all you could do is blankly stare at them?

The Film Gear Index's goal is to list and catalog every piece of film equipment ever made, by every name or nickname it has every been called, and explain its purpose and use. To create an Index of information that is quick and easy to search through, add to and edit.

Based off of the familiar wiki platform we hope that this will provide a familiar and fast way to access the information that you're searching for.

Whether this is for the greenhorn starting out eager to learn everything, for the seasoned veteran who doesn't know the name of a new piece of gear someone asked for or the middle aged in the middle of some god forsaken territory who realized that the crucial piece of equipment they'd been asking for all shoot was sitting in the rental house the whole time because it's called something different on that coast. We hope that this site can help.

We want to be an Index for all knowledge film.

As in Film-making this is a group effort and as such requires everyone's collaboration to help. We do require that you log in to create any additions or changes, this is to help prevent any vandalism but also to encourage dedicated additions and serious information adders.

Thanks So Much for Visiting. We Hope you Enjoy

This Website is in BETA

You're lucky enough to be here at the beginning. However, please know that this site is in BETA and as such some things might not work as well as they should. This also means that information will be a little sparse. However this is only the beginning and things will only improve from here. Please be patient and thank you!

While we don't yet have an App if you would like to add this site to your mobile device for quick and easy access simply add it to your home screen and a fancy icon will appear - almost as if it was an app.

If you do encounter a problem you think should be fixed please email us @